Sheet metal deburring machine

If you are the owner of a company in the industrial finishing and cutting equipment branch, you’ll be certainly aware of the issues caused by burring. You will have experienced the extra costs, time and money you have lost by having the burring issues. However, the company called “Q-fin”, has developed the Sheet metal deburring machine which will prevent you from losing more time and money.

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Advantages of the sheet metal deburring machine

If you have some experience in the cutting equipment branch, you will certainly know about the burring problems; burrings are caused by general wear and tear of smooth machinery parts; they will become raised, uneven and damaged. This will slow down your production processes and therefore it will cost you a lot of money. The sheet metal deburring machine is the solution for every owner in the finishing industry. The machine is grinding the imperfections out of the damaged machinery parts, reducing the rough uneven surface to a smooth and solid surface again in a short amount of time. Q-fin offers both manual and automatic versions of the deburring machine, so you are able to choose which one supports your production best. The Q-fin team is happy to advise you in your choice.