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What is the best way to go on a sustainable vacation?

Everyone likes to get away to a vacation destination once in a while, so many people choose to go by plane. But the many flights also cause a lot of emissions, which is not good for the earth. Some are already more concerned about it than others, even when they travel. If you are also one of those people, read on, because below we will tell you how you can best go on a sustainable vacation.

Travel sustainably

First, you can choose to travel in a sustainable way, this means that you do not go by plane, but rather by another type of transportation that is much better for the environment. This type of transportation is public transportation, if you start comparing how much a train emits compared to trains, this makes a significant difference. Once you have arrived at your destination, we recommend that you do many things by bike or on foot to minimize emissions.

Sustainable accommodations

When it comes to your accommodation, you can also pay attention to sustainability. In fact, there are eco-friendly hotels nowadays that have green certifications, they are then working on energy and water conservation for example. These hotels are a better option.

Minimize waste

It is also a good idea to take as many reusable items with you as possible and, for example your bottle of water. And when you do have waste, it is the best to separate it properly.

Sustainable destinations

There are several destinations that are more sustainable than others, this has to do, for example, with how the journey there is. A good example is France, where you can easily go by train and stay overnight in a villa with a pool in France in RĂ©sidence de Salernes.