Carbon tape is everywhere

Did you know carbon tape is everywhere? This material has an important role in many different walks of life. It appears in our life in an unstoppable way.


Carbon tape is mostly made from the organic polymers, polyacrylonitrile (PAN). It features long strings of molecules bound together by carbon atoms. Carbon tape consists of fine fibers. It holds hundreds of fluids and absorbs very well. Besides that, carbon also can stand a temperature to 1200 degrees Celsius for a long time. When the tape is hold in an extremely high temperature it is not falling apart, it only gets tinner after a long time.

Many applications

Carbon tape is used for many applications, for example it is used in sporting equipment, automobiles, airplanes, boats and medical prosthetics. It is clear carbon tape is really everywhere.

Sporting equipment

There is a big chance you may wear a pair of running shoes or sneakers with carbon fiber tape built in. It is used in a wide range of sporting products, from golf clubs to tennis racquets.



More and more car brands discover that carbon fiber is an extremely versatile material. BMW uses a lot of carbon fiber in the manufacturing of in their cars. Other brands who are using carbon fiber tape are Roll Royce, Ferrari, Tesla and Lamborghini.


Carbon fiber is used into aircraft components and structures. It has an important role in the aerospace branch. Carbon is used in helicopters, gliders, fighter jets and microlights. Carbon fiber enables aircraft components to be lighter and stronger.


Carbon tape is the base material for every high performance sailboat. It is extremely strong for its weight and you will see carbon in applications like masts, poles and even battens.

Medical prosthetics

Carbon tape is strong, light weighted, sustainable and waterproof. This combination makes it perfect material for medical prosthetics. Carbon fiber tape is used in the manufacturing of prosthetics like wheelchairs, walking sticks and prosthetic limbs.

Unidirectional carbon tape

If you want to order carbon tape, you will often see the letters UD. This is short for Unidirectional. And as the name already suggests, UD means that the filaments don’t cross or weave over each other. They lay in parallel in one direction. For this material the K-rating is irrelevant. UD differs from other woven fabrics. It has other mechanical properties and a different appearance. With UD carbon tape it is possible to create a very strong and light component.

Last forever

Carbon tape, if not damaged will almost last forever. This means it is a good investment. It keeps products in circulation. For example: if a customer is not willing to pay for a new carbon fiber bicycle, there is a chance he will find a same bicycle on the secondary used market.