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Recently, I wanted to access Usenet services to get to know more about a project I was working on. I was looking for a Usenet provider that upheld privacy and was easy to use. A friend suggested that I try out the ViperNews Usenet newsgroup packages. 
ViperNews has premium plans packages that grant access to the newsgroups. They are affordable with the cheapest being 1.79 Euros. I picked the Viper50 that charged 2.69 Euros per month, which was pocket-friendly for me.

What the package offered:

The package offered had a 7-day free trial, 50 Mbit/s, twenty connections and with no download limits. The platform is built for speed, and the broadband connection gets maxed out. Even with a slow internet connection, downloading is still quick and efficient. There are no disruptions in downloading. The cheap Usenet services are available all year round hence, I do not need coupons or black Friday deals.
Security is crucial. ViperNews Usenet can be accessed through connections that are SSL/TLS encrypted. This is done without any charges. The platform does not keep a record of the read articles and the posting is enabled by default. On top of this, you can make your account access to your family or friends.
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