Where do I find the best beers in Amsterdam?

Are you traveling to Amsterdam? Do you want to know where you can find great tasting beers? Look no further, you have landed on the right page!  

Beer and the Netherlands go hand in hand. Look at Heineken. That’s the main reason why Amsterdam is literally filled with incredible spots to have a beer. However, not every pub has great service.  

For this reason, I will guide you through the most excellent pubs in Amsterdam, who serve the best beers.  

Want to find out where you can have great tasting beers with excellent service? Scroll down to find one of the best bars in Amsterdam!  

Best beers at the Leidseplein 

Leidseplein is excellent for beer drinking. Why, you ask? The place is literally filled with bars! Can you imagine you and your friends in Amsterdam going to a bar, drink a beer, leave and walk in to another bar? At the Leideplein this is possible with ease.  

If you don’t like the service at one bar, you can easily move to the next pub. That’s why Leidseplein is the most ‘safe’ option if you want to enjoy a beer with your friends and not have lousy service. You can never be too safe, of course!  


When you are drinking a beer at Canvas, you are not only drinking for taste, but for the experience. This bar is located on the top of a huge building in Amsterdam. Can you imagine drinking a cold one with your friends and having a  great view over Amsterdam? The view never ceases to amaze me.  

Also, after 23:00 Canvas turns into a awesome nightclub! You and your friends can then walk inside for tasty drinks, music and dancing. When you want to experience Amsterdam at its finest, you should definitely visit Canvas.