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Document holder benefits

When being an office worker with his or her own desk or workstation, you know how easy workstations get polluted with papers and documents. Documents are spread out from the far left to the far right and some body bending and twisting is needed once in a while to grab the document you need. You can imagine all this bending and twisting isn’t the most ergonomic behaviour. You wouldn’t be the first one suffering from long-term back, neck and shoulder pain because of an uncomfortable and non-ergonomic workstation. A document holder might be one of the solutions! Besides, ergonomic benefits a document holder still has other clear benefits.

Document holder benefits

Most office workers use documents and papers to execute their daily work. These documents are often placed at the side of the computer at unnatural angles or under the keyboard. Reading these documents puts strain on our body and more specifically on our neck and back. From an ergonomic point of view this is a real disaster. A vital ergonomic solution is a document holder. Fully-adjustable document holders will ease the viewability of a document and will mean a world of difference for your body’s health.

Besides having clear ergonomic benefits, document holders do also add structure to your office job and work. Crucial documents and papers can be placed in the centre of attention without other documents distracting the person concerned. A document holder frees up space and makes your desk look clean and neat.

Lastly, document holders avoid eye fatigue because documents will stand at the ideal distance for your eyes. Ideally, the optimal ergonomic distance is more or less an arm’s length.

So, it will be clear now document holders have various benefits. If you don’t have one, it’s time to buy one.