control tower

What is Supply Chain Control Tower?

A supply chain control tower is a connected and personalised dashboard of supply chain data. The tower enables companies to understand, prioritise and resolve issues in actual time. By using the control tower, organisations can sense changes in demand and supply and respond using optimal, automated decisions.
The o9 control tower supply chain monitors demand and supply, detects problems early and triggers automated decisions for intelligent resolutions. There are numerous disruptions which increase market volatility exponentially. Companies can manage risk and opportunities by sensing and managing slight demand and supply changes on this AI platform.

How Does It Work?

The o9 control tower enables organisations to use an AI-enabled platform to sense, solve, and execute solutions. The tower uses advanced machine learning, which produces significant supply chain results. It can detect internal and external disruptions of the demand and supply chain. It then translates the information by highlighting the risks and determining the impact of the disruption of the chain. Next, it solves the issue by deciding automatically on the best solutions that mitigate the impact. All these capabilities are enabled by the fast execution of the control tower supply chain, which breaks down the work into smaller portions. Finally, the tower learns from all the past decisions and solutions, thus adjusting future protocols for the best performance.

control tower

Benefits of Using the Tower

Thanks to the o9 control tower, companies can now make fast and workable decisions that help mitigate risks while taking advantage of different market opportunities. The tower can carry out real-time scenario analysis while providing actual solutions. It also improves the visibility of any demand and supply changes that have a major impact on a company’s profit. By integrating all these features, the control tower supply chain reduces risks, improves weak points, and maximises demand and supply chain opportunities.