polyquaternium 37

Polyquaternium 37: Uses and Qualities

Polyquaternium 37 is a polymetric quaternary salt made of ammonium. It has various uses in the hair care and manufacturing industries. The salt is classified as both antistatic and a film former, qualities that define its applications. Furthermore, because the salt has a low viscosity, it can be added at any point during the manufacturing process. It is also neither acidic, inactive, nor ionized. Therefore, when using it, companies do not have to neutralise it or heat it for activation. Furthermore, it is highly stable, which makes it ideal for stabilizing the co-ingredients and aiding in suspension. Its thickening and spreading properties also come into play when it is used in the manufacture of beauty products. Polyquaternium 37 is not highly toxic or flammable but requires storage in drums to prevent degradation. Most companies package it in drums of 60 kg to 70 kg, and pallets of 480 kg and 960 kg.

polyquaternium 37


Polyquaternium 37 functions as a moisturizing agent, a conditioner, a stabilizer, and a rheology modifying agent. In other applications, it is used as a product thickener and to enhance volume. Due to these qualities, it is used in all manner of beauty products, including skin moisturizers, hair conditioners, body washes, hair lotions, and anti-ageing creams. It has also been used in skin serums, shampoos, sunscreen lotions, and shower gels. When used on hair, it adds substance and thickens it to make it look full. While not the active ingredient, it helps other skincare products spread on the skin and hair. Its excellent conditioning and water retention capabilities help to keep the hair looking supple and smooth by locking in moisture. It is also a solution for thin hair that breaks away easily. However, to enhance the conditioning of hair, it is used with a surfactant and fatty alcohol. The result is shiny, elastic hair that is easy to comb through.