brow henna

The best Brow henna on the market


The best henna for eyebrows henna treatment is a dye which is considered to be a semi-permanent treatment. Brow henna is a famous product in the beauty industry and is known to have numerous benefits. Brow henna use is identical to henna coloring techniques. The shades are designed to cater for different eyebrow tones.
Eyebrow treatment is to bring out some depth and figment of your imagination around eyebrows. Once you use henna, you will not need to redraw your eyebrows like when you use make-up. The best henna for eyebrows is Supercilium Brow Henna which is made up of natural ingredients. It is safe and can be used by people with sensitive skin.

What are the advantages of using eyebrow henna treatments?

Supercilium provides a variety of eyebrow henna to ensure that it can cater for the needs of many clients. When blending the many color varieties creates stunning results which most people find pleasing. Some eyebrows treatments can stay for months and can be considered tattoos. It makes your make up routine much easier and saves you a lot of time.
Supercilium henna can last for two weeks on brows and six weeks on hairs which is a reasonable period. Supercilium henna is the best henna for eyebrows and is easy to use. To use this product also takes a short period.

brow henna

The Supercilium Eyebrow Henna

The Supercilium Brow Henna comes in different colors for different skin tones like golden brown, light brown, and medium brown to name a few. This product has a kit that has everything needed for eyebrows. Inside the kit, you will find a Pro cleanser which is ideal for cleansing the skin before applying the Henna. The Pro cleanser is good for oily skins. The product has good shelf life and can have an extended shelf life once Eucalyptus color developer is added.