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2 racing helmets designs you must have seen

A racing helmet offers so much more than just the driver’s protection, it namely also portrays the visual identity of the driver and its sponsors, but also separates a driver from its racing vehicle. The most iconic and creative helmet designs make the driver look the sharpest out on track and therefore also require a lot of creativeness and out of the box ideas. In this article I would like to highlight 2 awesome helmets designs of 2020 and explain which ideas are behind the designs.

Daniel Ricciardos Kobe Bryant tribute helmet

A very creative and unique helmet design for Daniel Ricciardo occurred during this preseason of Formula 1. The helmet design was set to debut for the grand prix in Melbourne which was unfortunately cancelled. As you can see on the helmet, Ricciardo wanted to send out a message by using the title: ‘become unstuck’. This message is all about not getting caught up in the same old stuff and how it is important to pull yourself away and do something on your own.

The base of the helmet is a sort of leopard print style covered in pastel greys and charcoal colors. Additionally, as you can see, some more layers and colours are applied to give the helmet so more ‘pop’.

Dan Ticktums dazzling helmet design

This helmet design has an interesting feature if you look closely at the helmet: it contains the dazzle razzle camouflage. This camouflage is not just some random cool looking idea, but originates back to World War 1 and 2. The dazzle razzle was applied on big ships in order to distort the vision of its shape and direction, an ingenious idea I must say. To give the helmet a final touch and make the design really loud, a few more colours are added to the dazzle razzle. I think that the designer, Davide Chiappini, did a fabulous job on this one.

If you are interested in more outstanding, fabulous and iconic designs, you really should check out Keppninni, they even offer a product based on the very same dazzle razzle camouflage described above.