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Prices on the internet

Strange but true, research shows that there is still a large group of consumers, although buying on the internet, they are not comparing prices. These consumers tap into the Google search engine, and search for the product they want, and sometimes the brand that they are looking for, is on the first site in Google’s search results, and they click almost immediately on the buy button.

Do you also think that Google always shows the cheapest site first, it shows precisely the opposite. And why this is so, is also understandable. The first results in the search engine, and also with other search engines, are no real results, but is advertising. So it looks natural, but a lot of money is being paid to be there. And so the products you buy at such websites …. are almost always more expensive. Now everyone should know of course whether you are buying the most expensive or the cheapest, but if you prefer to save some money, then we have an extremely good tip for you. And that also applies, if you want to save money on delivery.


Compare prices

First you need, for example if you search on Google for a particular product, take a good look at which site you click and which site you visit. Usually the first three companies are advertising. Only then come the real results of what you are looking for. Of course, these sites are not always cheaper, but often. In addition, do the searchin a bit different. Type behind the product you are looking for, the words “compare prices”.

Most sites that the search result will provide, offer the opportunity to compare the prices of the product you are searching for. Many products are being sold by different stores and different sites. Often with a huge price difference. This way you can easily use the cheapest store which offer the product you want to buy. So you are sure you never pay too much. The same is applicable to the delivery cost. If you buy a product over the Internet, you can sometimes pick up the product. However, usually this will be delivered. At the delivery, you pay shipping. Delivery costs are often high.

If you pay attention here, before you buy the product, and look what the store’s shippingcosts are, see you regularly find free shipping under certain conditions. Even Nex Day Delivery. So you have to, for example, spend a certain amount. Want to be sure of the cheapest products and free next day delivery, just look at Here you see all online shops that deliver the next day, often without charge.