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Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Used Gearbox

Once you have a car, be prepared for the mechanical breakdown cases. There are endless mechanical problems you may encounter soon. Whichever the issues, I bet you don’t want it to be an engine or a transmission issue. To solve the issues, you will have to incur lots of cash to have them fixed. But if you visit a junkyard am confident you will get used gearboxes and many other spare parts.

Imagine a world without junkyards; it would be rough for car owners. These yards make it easy for an individual to get a second hand spare part if they cannot afford a new one. Used gearboxes can serve the purpose, but that doesn’t give you the green light on them. It would be best to be careful with them; therefore, you must consider some factors before purchasing used gearboxes. Here are the factors, read on.

Check for Leaks

It is the first factor you need to consider, don’t end up with a leaking transmission. To check for the leakages, you will have to check the fluid level and then add some to find out if there will be dripping cases after a while.

Used gearboxes

Consider Coming with your Mechanic

Not everyone is conversant with cars, and it is spare parts; in this scenario, why don’t you think of bringing your mechanic. They will make the process easy for you, ending up with the right part.


The majority of the junkyards do have the warrant in place. Therefore as you are about to make the purchases, enquire more about it to figure out if it will help you or not. Enquire if the warrant will be the one covering both labour and parts. Avoid confusion at all costs by writing down everything agreed on.