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How medicinal cannabis is effective against pain

Medicinal cannabis has been recommended by many doctors over the world for reducing pain caused by various diseases and conditions. That is because weed has been proven to be extremely effective against (chronic) pain and can be used in many different ways. In this article we will go through some ways to get the most out of your medicinal weed.

Adding fats increases the effect of weed

It has shown that healthy fatty acids can increase the effect of THC and CBD. Because the active substances in cannabis are lipid plant components, also known as fats, it can help to add healthy fatty acids such as coconut oil, avocado or almond to your homemade cannabis oil or edibles. This is because the body has some difficulty absorbing THC and CBD, but they absorb these substances much better when they are linked to healthy fatty acids.

Use cannabis ointments

Whilst medicinal cannabis is mostly noticed as internal use, various cannabis creams and ointments are becoming increasingly popular. Applying cannabis cream to painful areas has been proven to be an effective treatment to relieve superficial skin pain, inflammation and relax stiff muscles.

Build up slowly and continue

Although medicinal cannabis is a wonderful resource for treating various diseases and conditions, or at least offer relief, you may not notice instantly the effect you were looking for. If this is the case, it is important to be mindful about your dosages. It is important and wise to not immediately take a high dose, in order to prevent unwanted side effects such as panic, paranoia, dizziness and nausea. Although these side effects are anything but life-threatening, it is imperative to get gradually more and more comfortable with the use of medicinal cannabis.

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