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Do you like fiddling with small things as a hobby? Try these things to fiddle with!

Let’s be honest. Most people don’t like fiddling around with tiny things. They could never understand how a watch- or clockmaker spends his working days fiddling around with miniscule parts without going absolutely crazy before lunchtime. But, the man fixing your grandparents’ timepiece probably loves doing so and barely notices the passing of the time. Some people simply love to fiddle! If you’re one of those people and are in need of a new hobby, than be sure to read on to find a few things to try out!

Fixing old clocks and watches

The ultimate hobby for those who like to fiddle is, of course, fixing up old clocks and watches. The intricate workings with all the different mechanisms and sprockets are not for the faint of heart, but will leave you feeling very rewarded when you manage to fix your first timepiece!


Yes, knitting! You might have thought that this is something only suited for your grandmother, but nothing is less true. Knitting can be an amazing hobby once you start to get a feel for it and, when you do, you get a few nice extra perks. You can make all kinds of things when you become decent at knitting, including presents for others!

Assembling gauge parts

Old motor gauge parts can be very tricky to put back together, but once you fix a gauge up properly it can fetch a pretty penny to fund your next project and the next one after that. Making money while having fun in the meantime, what’s not to like?

We hope you found it

Did you find a new hobby based on what you’ve been reading above? That would make us very happy and proud. Regardless, we hope you manage to have fun fiddling in the future!