How to improve your concentration during work

Now we have to work from home a little bit more, we can imagine that at some point you struggle with maintaining your concentration and productivity. Home is a place you associate with resting and living, and not necessarily with working. A lot of people get distracted very easily and find other useless tasks to do in the meantime, like doing laundry or going to the supermarket. But how do you find your concentration back when you sit behind your computer again? We would like to tell you more about this!

Good work spot

First of all, it is important that you find a good place to work in your house. How tempting it sounds, working on the couch or in your bed is not a good idea. Nevertheless, you should find a comfortable place to work. Preferably in a room where you can’t be disturbed or easily distracted. Think about a separate workroom for example, or working in the dining room at your dining table.

Remove distraction

At home we get easily distracted. This is not a surprise, as we have all our personal things collected around us, and at the office we only have our work equipment. Our point is, in order to keep your concentration high, remove all things that might be an influencing factor. This means that you clean your desk, and only leave necessary stuff on your desk. Therefore, invest in document holders, so all documents and papers are not all over your desk. Do the same for pens, books, and other equipment’s.

Stay in the routine

Since working from home became the standard, we have the tendency to loosen our usual routine. We get up later and we stay in our joggings all day. Well, we can tell you that this doesn’t do any good to your productivity. Therefore, try to stay in the routine of working, by waking up early and get properly dressed.